Linkr FAQs

How to use Linkr

  • Q: How to create more than one Linkr landing page / build multiple websites?

    Linkr allows its Pro subscribers to create more than one website under the same account. It is easy and quick to build another Linkr page!

    All you need to do is tap “+Create or Manage Linkr”, and click “Create a new linkr”, then you are given all those ready-made templates. Pick your fave, and claim your URL.

    You can also build your third Linkr page.

    Multiple website builder features ensure that you can better manage your business and links, and guide visitors to your content in a more proper way.

  • Q: How to generate QR code with Linkr?

    Linkr QR code generator is free to use

    To make a QR code using Linkr on desktop:

    1. Find “QR Linkr” on the L Sidebar.
    2. Paste the URL of your website.
    3. Pick your favorite template.
    4. Rename your code, and download it to your pc gallery.

    Read our blog how to generate QR codes using Linkr on smartphone, or watch a video guide on YouTube.
  • Q: Why am I not receiving Linkr-related emails?
    • Refresh your inbox as there might be a delay sometimes.
    • Make sure that you have checked spam, junk emails, promotional and other email folders. If you found the email in these folders, mark it as ‘no spam’ to receive the email in your inbox.
    • Update contact details, check the spelling of your email, and consider using an alternative email address.
    • Check with your IT or email provider to see if the email is blocked. Depending on how strictly your emails are set up, it might be possible that receiving certain emails outside your organization is not allowed.
    • Visit to contact our customer service or drop an email to, our live representative will help you with the issue.
  • Q: When Instagram says ”Sorry, this page isn’t available”

    You may occasionally receive a message saying "Sorry, this page isn't available". Do not worry, it is nothing wrong with your Linkr page.

    Instagram might be checking your security status, or preventing you from fabricating your Instagram stats by clicking your own link in bio. It can happen to any time at random times whether you are Linkr user or not. This error is usually only happening on your device and it is not affecting your followers.

    If this is preventing you from checking if your is working, here are a few suggestions you can try:

    • Open your page outside of Instagram like Safari or Google Chrome
    • If you have multiple Instagram accounts, switch to another and click the to see if it works.
    • Ask a friend to visit your profile to check if your Linkr page is working.
    • Reach out to us and we will test your for you.

    If you have any other questions, feel free to contact our support at

  • Q: When I make changes, why aren’t they showing up right away?

    New changes to your page may take up to a few mins to show up in every browser. Your changes need to propagate across our network of servers. You may want to check your Linkr page later

  • Q: What happens if I change my Instagram handle?

    When you change your Instagram handle, you will still be able to log in with Instagram account. However, your will not automatically update your new Instagram handle.

    You need to edit and change profile picture or username on by yourself. Learn how to change your linkr profile at here

  • Q: Why aren’t my links showing up?

    There are some reasons why your links aren’t appearing (or disappearing) from your Linkr landing page. It can be a browser or app issue, a security error, or it is because your email has not been verified.

    When you should encounter this kind of issue, you can contact our support customer team at . We can help you out right away.

  • Q: How to customize the page to manage my content?

    It’s easy to make your landing page eye-catching, please learn more at Style Your Link in Bio Page

  • Q: What’s the value of Linkr Analytics?

    Datas show how your links perform, your followers’ behavior, and information about you, from which you can learn more about them, let’s see what kind of analytics is displayed on our dashboard.

    • Lifetime Analytics

    This gives you an overall analysis of your Linkr page and it is available to both free and pro users. 

    • Activity

    This section gives you visual insights on your Views, Clicks, CTR and Avg during different periods.

    • Icon

    If you’ve added social icons to your Linkr page, here you can see what social media accounts your visitors have exactly viewed and clicked. 

    • Top Locations

    This block shows your total Views, Clicks, Click Through Rate, and Time to Click, per country for the date range selected. 

    • Top Referrers

    This block shows your total Views and Time to Click from each referrer. A referrer is where your visitor came from before landing on your

    • Device Analytics

    This block shows your total Views, Clicks, Click Through Rate, and Time to Click, per device for the date range selected.

    If you want to learn more about analytics, please click here.

  • Q: What is the “Views and Clicks” chart?

    For free users, you can see the total views and clicks of your “link in bio” landing page.

    Total views – it shows how many times your page has been viewed in a given period of time.

    If a visitor lands on your page once, that will increase 1 view. If the person views your page multiple times, that is counted as multiple times. A person can view your pages many times and that will add up your total views.

    Total clicks -- when a visitor clicks on one of your links, it is a click. The chart shows the total amount of clicks across all of your links. For example, if a visitor clicks on your 3 different links, that is counted as 3 clicks.

    For Pro users, you can also see Avg.CTR, Avg.Time to Click, top 5 most clicked links, social platforms, music, and contacts to give you a better understanding of page traffic. You can also download the report for further analysis.

  • Q: How to integrate different tools to your page?

    Linkr currently supports tracking pixels (including Google Analytics, Facebook & TikTok Pixel ), Mailchimp, SEO, and Deep Linking integrations for PRO users. Let’s see how to integrate them here.

  • Q: Can I remove or edit my link?

    Whenever you want to remove or edit your link, just log in to your Linkr account. Better yet, Linkr now allows you to tap any link or content to edit, and drag and drop the link to reorder it.

    Please learn more guide at here: Add Links/Videos/Playlists to Your Bio Page

  • Q: How to manage my links and social media icons?

    Linkr's link in bio feature works as a mini-site to house all your links and social medias, please click this guide to learn: how to add links/icons/videos to your bio page

  • Q: How to add your Linkr URL to your TikTok bio

    Do you also want to put your “link in bio” for TikTok?

    To do that, you have to switch your TikTok account to a business account first. And then it is easy. Paste your Linkr URL in the the website field, and Click save. Done!

    Read our blog on How to add link to TikTok bio, how to switch to a TikTok business account, plus how to use it to promote your brand!

  • Q: How to add your Linkr URL to your Instagram bio

    After creating your perfect Linkr page and getting it published, it’s time to put your Linkr page out in the world — by putting your Linkr URL on Instagram bio!

    Simply log into your Instagram account, tap “edit profile”, and add your Linkr URL in the “website box”. Save it and you now get a clickable bio link for your Instagram.

    Read our blog on How to add multiple links to Instagram bio — free, easy and fast.

  • Q: How to change my Linkr landing page profile picture?

    The profile is where you showcase who you are. To learn how to edit your profile, please follow this guide: Profile

  • Account

  • Q: I can’t access my Linkr account, what should I do?

    A: You may have trouble accessing the email associated with your existing account, don’t worry, follow these simple steps:

    If you forget the password, please click “Forget your password”, we will send a verification email to your inbox to change your password.

    • If you forget your registered email, please contact Linkr Support directly at It’s necessary to provide us your URL or username.
  • Q: How do I change my Linkr account settings and Linkr username/URL?

    A: Please click your profile picture in the lower left corner of the page, then you will find the page of “my account”. Here you can change these settings:

    To learn more about how to edit your profile, click here

  • Q: Can I create multiple linkr pages using the same email address?

    Yes, you can create up to 10 Linkr pages with the pro version, check other benefits of pro version at here

  • Linkr Subscription & payment

  • Q: Is Linkr a paid service?

    Linkr is free for everyone to create a bio link landing page, manage your member-only content in Linkr posts, create your online store to sell digital products, and manage the audience in communities. 

    However, the free version has relatively limited options compared to the PRO. Please click here to learn more about Linkr PRO.

  • Q: Is the Linkr free version really free?

    Yes, forever free for unlimited links. Just sign up via your email or a social account, then the free plan is activated automatically.

    Learn more: all free features are listed here in the plan description.

  • Q: How to get the invoice for Linkr?

    A: You will get your invoice and receipt at the section of billing, shortly after you pay for Pro and upon every renewal (monthly or annually). Before download your invoice, don’t forget to fill in your invoice information.

  • Q: Can I cancel my Linkr plan at a later time?

    Totally! You can unsubscribe at any time. We appreciate your feedback so if you have any trouble using Linkr, please contact us and we will make it right for you!

  • Q: How do I update my payment information?

    A: To update the payment method, please click “Billing” to find the section of “payment”, you can change your new payment method here.

  • Q: What if I need help?

    A: Drop us an email to or contact us through the online customer service system, telling us the usage scenarios where problems occur as well as a screenshot to let us know your problem accurately.

    Then we can check and fix it as soon as possible. Thanks for your support!

  • Q: How to change my current plan or cancel my subscription?

    A: This can be completed through the “Billing” tab of the “Current Plan” section of your dashboard, click “switch plan”, then you can change the type of current plan. If you want to cancel your subscription, please click “cancel subscription”. 

    If you cancel subscription when you are in the billing period, you will continue to have access to the plan that you’ve already paid for, you will not be charged again for your authorized renewal. No refunds are provided for canceling during a subscription period. 

  • Q: How to confirm the payment of my subscription?

    A: When your account is debited, email notifications will be sent. You can also click “Billing” to know the details about the current plan.

  • Q: What are Linkr Membership Services?

    A: Linkr Membership Services are monetization tools for creators by setting up tiered memberships that your audience can choose to join. You can set a monthly price for each tier, and a list of benefits for members.

    Learn more related guides to our membership service here

  • Q: How much does it cost to use Linkr Membership Services?

    Linkr Membership Services are available for both Linkr Pro and Free creators:
    A 5% Linkr platform fee is charged.
    Withdrawal fees from Payoneer also apply.

    For more membership fees related guides learn at here

  • About Linkr

  • Q: What is Linkr?

    A: Linkr is an all-in-one monetization platform for content creators and brands, in order to help them build and grow their following on social media, manage the audience in communities, and monetize their creativity in various ways.

    Linkr provide 4 key product features and some other services. The 4 key features are: Link in bio, Posts, Creator Store and Fanclub. Other services include QR code and URL Shortener which enable users to convey product information in an editable and sharable way.

    Linkr aims to service all creators around the world, regardless of their nation, language, and cultural background. Thus, Linkr has been delivering products and services in multiple languages.

  • Q: Is same with is the official website of Linkr, which contains link-in-bio, Posts, Store, QR Codes, and many more upcoming features. is Linkr's pioneer product, it serves as a link-in-bio product in Linkr's business portfolio, you can also create QR code with Before long, the QR code generating feature will be independent of and have its name and website,, thus will be the second product of Linkr portfolio, specializing in QR code generation for creators.

  • Q: How do I earn money with Linkr?

    Make money in various ways:

    • Add the Support Me button on your page and get tips directly.
    • Be an ambassador of Linkr and start referring us to other individuals or brands.
    • New money-making features are open to suggestions by our key users monthly.
  • Q: Why does Linkr have better value compared to other link-in-bio?
    • Linkr is an all-in-one platform. Besides the link in bio, you can manage your member-only content and subscribers community in Linkr, and also create your online store to sell digital and physical goods.
    • One Linkr account for all features to provide you with a seamless experience.
    • Linkr's free version has many powerful and useful features, perfect for starters who are not ready to scale up yet.
    • In the free plan, you can also embed social media content and generate QR codes.
    • New features update every month.
    • Quick and real staff support for all users.
    • No add-on charges, once subscribed you can enjoy ALL Pro features.
    • Partnership discount for enterprise plan.
  • Q: Is there any commission fee when withdrawing money from 'Support Me'?

    Both free users and pro users have the free access privilege to add Support Me function to their page. We charge 0% fee.

  • Q: Why pay for Linkr Pro when I can use Linkr free forever?

    Key Pro features:

    1. Quicker user community support.

    2. Apply better Pro bio page templates.

    3. Go fully customizable with your page design, such as font, card, and background style setting, Linkr brand logo removal.

    4. Optimize your page SEO and get more page views.

    5. Generate trackable and editable QR code.

    6. Google analytics, Facebook, and TikTok pixels data integration.

    7. Mailchimp integration.

    8. Create schedule links.

    With Linkr Pro you can create more than one bio page for your business, it's perfect for medium-sized businesses and organizations. Learn all Pro plan benefits.

  • Q: Can I generate QR codes using Linkr?

    Yes. Check out new templates at here

  • Q: Does Linkr take customized requests from creators?

    Yes! Bring your ideas and requests forward! Linkr spares no efforts to serve all creators. Kindly send your email to:

  • Q: Can I have a partnership allowance if I help Linkr do brand marketing and promoting?

    Yes! Contact us for detailed corporation items, methods, and possibilities.

  • Q: What are the fees applicable when using Store or Posts?

    Linkr's fees are simple. If you make a sale or have a subscription,we take only 5% of your earnings as a fee for using the Linkr platform, whether you’re using Linkr Pro or Linkr Free.

    There's also a Payment Processing Fee that's set by the payment institution and may vary based on the payment method. That's all - no additional fees. Learn more here

  • Q: Where can I download Linkr App?

    Get Linkr App in Apple Store and Google Play store.

  • Q: How to delete my Linkr account?

    We’re sorry that you’re not satisfied with our product. We’ll work hard and bring you a better experience of using it. So we hope you can keep using Linkr. Your voice and suggestions are very important to us.

    However, if you insist to delete Linkr account, please click your profile picture in the lower left corner of the page.

    Then you will see “more information” on this page, click the button of “view” so that you can delete the account.

    delete linkr account

  • Q: Compared with other link-in-bio tools, what is the characteristic of Linkr?

    Easy to use

    With Linkr that’s incredibly easy to use, a mobile-optimized landing page can be created within a minutes and allows you to connect all your audience across different social platforms like never before.

    In-depth analytics

    With Link you can get valuable insights including clicks, page views, and sales from each link. You can also measure your business objectives with the integration of Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel, no coding is required!

    Responsive designs is highly customizable. You can select from ready-made themes, layouts, and upload your own image/GIF/video as background to create a page that matches your style and branding.

    More than a bio link tool

    Linkr is an all-in-one monetization platform, that also offers tiered membership posts, creator store,fanclub and free QR code generator.

    Compare: Linkr vs Linktree, and 13 Best Paid/Free Link in Bio Tools for social medias, to find out why Linkr is the best link in bio tool for your Instagram.

    Get started with Linkr now!