how to make money with linkr store

A Starter Kit to Making Money with Linkr Store

One of the ways to make money through Linkr is to sell merch through your own Linkr online store. Linkr Store allows you to customize and sell multiple merch types including personalized responses, digital downloads, affiliate products, and physical goods.

Also, you can offer exclusive merchandise to your Linkr supporters as a reward tier. All you need is to provide a range of merchandise and set different price points for each item. Your supporters can choose the reward tier that best fits their budget and interests.

The following content covers the complete steps to make money with Linkr Store.

1. Customize products for your Linkr store

As mentioned earlier, Linkr allows you to open an online store to sell merchandise to your supporters. You need to customize products that are based on your interests, the content you create, and the audience you serve. Linkr Store supports various merch types, including:

  • Personalized responses: A personalized video/audio message, a phone/video call, or direct messages to offer an exclusive experience, or one-on-one consulting or coaching sessions.
  • Digital downloads: PDFs, coloring pages, worksheets and other printables, eBooks, songs, albums, audiobooks, software, logos, templates, stock photos, video lectures, interactive quizzes, and other online courses.
  • Physical goods: Books, t-shirts, hats, sweatshirts, mugs, water bottles, stickers, toys, figurines, or other collectibles, prints, posters, wall hangings, etc.
  • Affiliate products: You can also add affiliate products offered by Linkr to earn commissions.
Add Products to Linkr Store

2. Offering some super cool merch as reward tiers

online store

You can’t just wait in place for your fans to come into your store. Instead, try your best to promote your merchandise. For example, you can offer exclusive digital or physical products including :

  • 👕Limited edition T-shirts/coffee mugs with your brand logo or catchphrase
  • 🤙Personalized coaching sessions, or 1-1 phone calls or meetings
  • 📬Autographed posters of your latest promotional campaign
  • ✨VIP access to exclusive digital content such as e-books, webinars, and video tutorials
  • 📅Invitations to exclusive meet-and-greet events with you and other influencers in your network
  • 🧑‍🤝‍🧑Exclusive access to a members-only online community
  • 🎁Customized stickers, buttons, or magnets featuring your brand messaging.

Specifically, set different price points for each item. This allows your supporters to choose the products/service that best fits their budget and interests.

3. Provide incentives or discounts

sale discount

Plus, you can offer incentives or discounts to people who purchase from your Linkr Store or who refer others to your shop, this can help to encourage more sales and promote your store.

Here are some different discount styles that an online store could use:

  • 💵 Percentage-based discounts: such as 10% off or 50% off
  • 💰 Dollar value discounts: such as $10 off or $25 off
  • 🆓 Free shipping
  • 🛍️ Buy one, get one free
  • 🤑 Referral discounts: where customers who refer others to the store receive a discount on their next purchase.
  • 🎂 Birthday discounts: where customers receive a discount on their birthday as a reward for being loyal customer
  • 💝 Bundle sales: This type of discount is when a customer buys a bundle of products together, usually at a cheaper price than if they were to buy the items separately.

4. Know where to view order details

Go to the dashboard of Linkr Store and click on “My Order” to check the order details. “My Order” has 4 tabs: All Orders, Unfulfilled, Completed, and Refunded.

Know Where to View Order Details on Linkr

5. Go to Linkr Wallet to check your earnings

Follow the steps to check your earnings on Linkr🎉:

1) Enter Linkr Wallet: Click on your account name in the top right corner of the screen to go to Wallet. Here you can check your earnings and transaction details.

2) Check out the transactions: The “Transactions” tab shows all the orders you have fulfilled. You can click any orders to see the details. When you fulfill an order, the money you earn can be withdrawn after 10 days.

3) Withdraw money: If you want to withdraw your earnings on Linkr, click the “Withdraw” button. A Payoneer account is required. If you haven’t added a Payoneer account yet, hit the portrait with an arrow to the left to add one.

Go to Linkr Wallet to Check Your Earnings

6. Share your Linkr Store on social media

Don’t forget to drive traffic from social media to your Linkr Store📣!

Your fans need to know where to support you, so make your Linkr store easy to find on your social media. Add your Link in bio page to all of your social bios. A Link in bio page can integrate all your links into one landing page.

Link in Bio Example

💡 More tips and tricks to earn with Linkr can be found here:

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