how to drive more sale to your linkr store

How to Drive More Sales to Your Linkr Store

It’s time to turn your knowledge into digital products and create your own online business. With ease using Linkr Store, you can create your product without any charges and only pay a percentage when you successfully make a sale.

Building an online business may seem daunting and require a lot of effort and planning, but with the right strategies and tools, Linkr Store will help you through the process and give you the confidence to succeed. Here are a few ideas:

1. Use SEO skills to improve your store’s visibility

Use SEO skills to improve your store's visibility

Take the most of SEO techniques to improve the visibility of your Linkr Store and increase the chances that people will find it when searching for products or services related to your niche.

💡 Here are some things to consider:

  • Include relevant keywords in your store’s title: This way, search engines like Google or Bing can understand what your shop is about.
  • Cover keywords in item titles and descriptions: When adding products to your shop, be sure to include keywords in item titles and descriptions. This helps search engines understand what your products are and how they might be relevant to a person searching for them.

2. Create social media posts or Ads featuring your Linkr Store

Create social media posts or Ads featuring your Linkr Store

Also, you can create effective social media posts or ads to promote your products and encourage more people to visit your Linkr Store.

💡 Here are some key points to note:

  • Showcase your store merch through high-quality images/videos on social media.
  • Include a catchy and brief caption to give people an idea of what your shop is all about.
  • Add your product link in your post so that people can easily find it.
  • Include a call to action in your post or ad, to encourage people to visit your shop, such as “click here to shop now” or “visit my store for more details.”
  • Using related hashtags can help your post or ad reach a wider audience, so be sure to include a few that are related to your products or services.
  • Created an Ad on your Instagram or other social media platforms.

3. Send giveaways on holidays

 Send giveaways on holidays

Sending giveaways on social media during holidays is a good way to promote your Linkr Store products as well. This helps you to engage with your followers.

The key is to decide what you want to give away. What you can offer could be a product from your Linkr Store or something else that is related to your brand.

4. Add your store link to your email signature

This is a simple way to promote your online store to all of your email contacts. By adding your Linkr Store link to your email signature, you can make it easy for audiences to find your shop when they receive your emails.

5. Collaborate with other creators

Collaborate with other creators

Another way to promote your Linkr Store products is to partner with other creators or businesses in your niche and cross-promote each other’s shops.

💡 Here are a few ideas for how to collaborate:

  • Share each other’s shop links on social media.
  • Create a joint product or offer that you can sell in your store. This helps to introduce your products to each other’s audiences and drive more sales.
  • Host a joint giveaway on your social media accounts that promotes both of your shops. You could offer one of your products as the prize, or something else that is related to your brands.

6. Participate in online marketplaces or communities

Participate in online marketplaces or communities

Lastly, you can choose to participate in online marketplaces or communities.

📌 Here comes the simple steps to follow:

1) Search online for marketplaces or communities: Look for communities or marketplaces that are related to your niche, and join them. Be sure to follow the rules of each community or marketplace, and respect the other members.

2) Participate in discussions & share helpful information: Try your best to be an active community member. This can help to establish your credibility and build relationships with other members.

3) Share your shop link: When appropriate, share your shop link with other members of the community. You could do this by including it in your profile or bio, or by sharing it in relevant discussions or threads.

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