Create an exclusive community using our membership program.

Connect with your followers on a deeper level by offering exclusive benefits and access to premium content.

Create and share in whatever form you like.

Linkr supports posts in the form of images/videos, blog posts, audio files, and more to come!

Create and share in whatever form you like.
Directly interact with your community and track your progress.

Directly interact with your community and track your progress.

This will help you better understand your audience beyond regular likes and comments.

Why the membership program?

  • Full creative control

    You have full freedom over what to create and share with your community.

  • Community stratification

    Do what you love in a way that is both creatively and financially sustainable for yourself and your community.

  • Stable performance, algo-free

    Create what you and your audience love, not what the algorithm is for.

  • Engage with your biggest fans on a deeper level

    Engage with your most passionate fans, beyond just likes and shares.

  • Hassle-free scheduled posting features

    Wanna publish content when you're away? Simply schedule it and you're good to go!

Why the membership program?

How Much Will I Make?

A transparent monetization process on your terms.

How much will I make?

Free Plan or Pro?
Estimated Subscribers: 1,000
Subscription Price: $20
You'll earn per month: 18,400USD/month

* The calculation takes into account our commission: 8% for Free users and 3% for Pro users.

What can I offer my subscribers?

  • Early access to content

  • Impact on future content

  • Behind-the-scenes views

  • Exclusivity

  • In-store discounts

  • Surprise merch

  • Ask me anything

  • Anything your followers like

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  • Free

    Unlimited links, exclusive content, customizable products for you to take off.

    US$0 lifetime
    Everything you get with Free:
    • Platform fee: 5%

    • Claim Your Own Link in Bio

    • Offer Exclusive Post

    • Open a Store

    • Maximum 1GB File Upload

    • Membership Tiers

    • Customizable URL

    • Free Templates

    • Various Blocks

    • 1 Linkr Page Available

  • Recommended

    More customization, support and control for creators ready to get subscribers and sell products on a larger scale.

    US$3.75 /month

    Billed annually

    Everything included in the Free Plan, plus:
    • Platform fee: 5%

    • Access to All of 200+ Pro Features

    • 1000+ Fully Customizable Style and Content

    • 180+ Premium Themes

    • Advanced Data Insight and Tracking Pixels

    • Advanced Marketing: Mailchimp, SEO and More

    • TikTok, Spotify, YouTube and More Integrations

    • Export Your Analytics Data

    • 10 Linkr Pages Available

    • Support Response Time: 24 hours

  • Premium

    The VIP support plan for creators who pursue more instant response from Linkr Team.

    US$99 lifetime

    Billed annually

    Everything in Pro Plan, plus:
    • Platform fee: 5%

    • One-on-One Service

    • Support Response Time: 12 hours