How to use Linkr with Tiktok

How to Use Linkr with TikTok

Are you a TikTok user looking to grow your audience and business? Linkr offers multiple opportunities to generate income, and here are a few guides and tips to help you get started! First, if you don’t have a Linkr account yet, please visit the Link website to create your own Linkr page.

Make Linkr Your Link in Bio

Using Linkr as your link in bio is worth considering! After creating a Linkr page, you can add this Linkr page to your TikTok bio. Please note that this link is only clickable for TikTok accounts with a minimum of 1000 followers.

TikTok influencers use Linkr

Pin a Linkr Video to the Top of Your Profile

Make a video to introduce your Linkr Page and pin it to the top of your profile. This will provide your fans with a clear understanding of the benefits they can derive from your Linkr page, including the social media networks they can follow you on, the products that are available for purchase in your online store, or the different tiered membership posts they can join to access your exclusive content.

camilledelacoste linkr page on tiktok

Share Your Linkr Page in Your Video Descriptions

Include your link in your video caption to direct potential customers to your Linkr page. Although the link is not clickable, your fans can still copy the link to open your Linkr page in the browser.

Promoting Your Linkr Page on TikTok

📷 Make videos to display your Linkr content:

Inform your followers that you have a Linkr page and express your appreciation for their support. Then you can make videos to display multiple links, store products, tiered membership, and more.

🔥 Create engaging and valuable content:

When you create content that is entertaining, informative, or inspiring, you increase your chances of capturing your audience’s attention and encouraging them to visit your Linkr page.

🤩 Use call-to-actions:

In your TikTok videos, use CTAs to direct your followers to your Linkr page, such as “Click the link in my bio to learn more” or “Visit my Linkr page for exclusive content and services.”

❤️ Offer exclusive content or discounts:

Linkr offers two excellent features for its users – an online store where they can sell both digital and physical products and a tiered membership post that allows them to provide exclusive content to their paid subscribers, and make sure your fans are informed.

👩 Partner with other influencers:

Collaborate with other influencers on TikTok who have a similar audience as yours to promote your services and direct their followers to your Linkr page.

️️️️️️➡️ Use hashtags:

Use relevant hashtags in your TikTok videos to reach a wider audience and increase the chances of your videos being discovered by potential customers.

🗐 Optimize your Linkr page:

Linkr provides users with powerful analysis tools to optimize their Linkr page, enabling visitors to effortlessly make purchases.

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