How to Use Linkr with YouTube

How to Use Linkr with YouTube: 6 Tips to Get

Creators usually have multiple streams of income and YouTube videos are one of them. The trend now is to integrate all revenue streams into one page through a link in bio tool, for example, Linkr Link in Bio.

More than a link in bio tool, Linkr is an all-in-one monetization platform that allows you to run membership services, sell merchandise, and drive fan engagement.

In this article, we’d like to share several tips using Linkr with YouTube. Making the most of the two money-making platforms can generate more revenue.

1. Add your Linkr page to YouTube About section

Add the Linkr page to your YouTube bio (About) so that your subscribers and viewers can engage with your brand further. On your Linkr bio page, your fans will have access to your other social media pages, websites, online stores, etc. What’s more, the latest feature – Linkr Fan Club provides your followers with a direct means to reach you and engage with your content.

Add your Linkr page to YouTube About section

2. Feature a video at the top of your channel homepage

Create a video to introduce your Linkr bio page and feature it at the top of your channel homepage. This way, your followers will have a clear idea of the advantages they can gain from your Linkr page.

Your video should highlight the social media networks where they can connect with you, the products available on your online store, and the tiered membership options that offer exclusive content.

3. Share your Linkr page to YouTube video descriptions

Adding the Linkr page to YouTube video descriptions is a great way to connect viewers with your Linkr bio page, a hub that includes a mix of product page links, videos, blog post links, and social media networks. Make sure to double-check your links for accuracy before publishing your video.

Be aware to use CTAs to direct your followers to your Linkr page, such as “Go to my Linkr page to learn more” or “Visit my Linkr page for exclusive content and services.”

Share your Linkr page to YouTube video descriptions

4. Use hashtags

Use relevant hashtags to increase your video’s visibility and reach more potential audiences. For example, add #linkr, #monetization, or #creator when you need to introduce your Linkr page to your YouTube subscribers.

5. Embed your YouTube videos on Linkr bio page

Embedding YouTube videos on Linkr can make your bio page more eye-catching and increase the amount of time your audience spends on your page, improving engagement. Log in to your Linkr account to get started with Link in Bio and embed YouTube videos on your bio page.

Link in Bio Example

6. Share your YouTube videos on Linkr’s tiered membership posts

Linkr Posts allows you to monetize your YouTube by offering members exclusive videos as perks and benefits. Share your exclusive videos and tutorials, behind-the-scenes content, event recordings, or early access YouTube videos with your Linkr followers right now.

Share your YouTube videos on Linkr's tiered membership posts

Do the tutorial to create a video post. If you haven’t started Linkr membership yet, go set up membership tiers first. It’s important to set a reasonable price for your membership and regularly provide new and engaging content to keep your members happy and engaged.

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