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How Does Camille Generate Significant Sales by Utilizing Linkr Store?

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Here’s what Camille Delacoste got on Linkr:

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Introduction to Camille Delacoste

Say hello to our protagonist for this post, Camille Delacoste, a freelance graphic designer, offering brand design services for startups, large companies, content creators, etc. Her business at Linkr Store has brought her a steady extra income.

Camille Delacoste was interviewed by LadySuccess, an online channel dedicated to sharing the stories of outstanding women, often from different industries and in different careers.

Here are the experiences she wants to share with you:

Q1: Tell us about your freelance experience, like how you got started.

Well, I was tired of the 9-5 job life and I had a strong desire to be my own boss several years ago. So I started my own business as a freelance brand designer.

Working with different clients inspires me to create. The diversity of clients’ needs is why I love my design work. I enjoy helping clients build brand images, which is their first impression of the world. I’m happy to help them achieve their goals.

Q2: Why did you choose Linkr?

Linkr has many great solutions for creators, such as Link in Bio and Store, which cater to my various needs.

For example, I created a bio page to house my links and started an online creator store to sell my products and services. Furthermore, there is a Post section where I can offer exclusive paid content for my loyal members. I can’t wait to explore it!

Q3: What has been your biggest Linkr achievement so far?

My store on Linkr has generated steady income, even though I also have my own website. Linkr’s creator store is easier to use than my own website, so I switched to Linkr Store from the website.

Visitors to my link in bio page have easy access to my product, a quality digital “Welcome Client” template, and I scored several awesome orders within just one day after “live” this service on Linkr Store!

Camille Delacoste Linkr Store

Q4: How do you get orders?

Firstly, keep promoting on social media. I added my Linkr page to all social profiles, such as Instagram and TikTok. And keep posting, showcase my design works, and encourage my followers to visit my Store.

Add linkr page to social media profile

Regular interaction with followers matters as well. I like sharing my creative process and some behind-the-scenes on my socials. This boosts engagement with my fans and clients.

Except for social media, email is another channel for me to communicate with my clients. I like including my Store link to my email signature to make it visible to everyone I correspond with via email.

Lastly, maintaining a good relationship with fans and clients is crucial. I always respond to their inquiries and concerns quickly, and this potentially increases my sales.

Q5: What advice would you give to new creators joining Linkr?

It’s very important to showcase your creation/service on social media or the website.

Plus, do remember to develop a good relationship with every client, even when the cooperation is finished. A strong client-designer relationship can bring you more work opportunities.

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