Top Mistakes You’re Making with Instagram Stories

Top Mistakes You’re Making with Instagram Stories

Instagram stories play a significant role in your Instagram marketing plan. Instagram Stories is used daily by 500 million people on average, worldwide. You can use them to increase traffic to your promotions, interact with your audience, establish trust, and do market analysis.

When users open Instagram, Instagram Story is the first item they see, appearing above the feed. Instagram Stories are an excellent marketing tool as well as a great method to engage and interact with your audience.

This possible feature is open to everybody and is free to use. It would be foolish for a brand’s marketing strategy not to make the most of it. These need some thought, though, in order to be effective.

Despite the fact that Instagram Story is not a new or unusual feature, many users still commit a lot of mistakes that are the reason for their Instagram stories not working which is seriously harming their chances of success. 

Despite the fact that Instagram Story is not a new or unusual feature, many users still commit a lot of mistakes that are the reason for their Instagram stories not working which is seriously harming their chances of success. 

Let’s look at 10 mistakes you should never do when posting an Instagram Story.

1. Inconsistency

Whether you are posting material on Instagram Stories or some other social media account, it is crucial to keep your brand consistent across all of your profiles. Spend some time thinking about your brand’s image, and make sure you stick to it on your Instagram Stories as well.

Take into account, for instance, the color schemes you employ and if they are consistent with the rest of your business image. It’s also crucial to preserve the tone, appearance, and feel of your content. Whether using stickers and emojis is appropriate for your company is another significant factor.

Your followers definitely won’t feel as if you are bombarding them with content if you publish on your main page and your Stories every other day. Instead, you will be posting frequently enough to become a part of their everyday lives. As a result, there is a far greater likelihood that they will interact with your content through stories and encourage page development.

2. Telling Multiple Stories At Once

When using Instagram Stories for the first time, one of the most frequent mistakes individuals do is trying to promote too much at once. This gets the Instagram stories down.

Stories can only be seen for a maximum of 24 hours, so there is no need to try to fit everything in. Consistent posting is one of the keys to expanding your social media sites, so there’s no need to overwhelm your audience with a variety of content.

Be patient and just cover one story every day, or at least several stories that are all about the same subject. Any more stories can then be posted the next day or later during the week.

In reality, inconsistent publishing, as we discussed in the first point, is one of the main blunders people do. Establish a schedule and take it slow. Prioritize long-term growth over immediate success.

3. Using Too Much Text

It is important to refrain from writing too much text into your Stories. Keep in mind that Instagram Stories is mostly a visual platform. Therefore, try to keep your text brief and straight to the point while adding context. It’s important to keep in mind that each frame only lasts for roughly 10 seconds, so crowding the frame with text won’t likely engage your audience.

Imagine you are browsing your own Instagram Story feed when you come across a visual Instagram story that contains an image or a video, but then a ton of text. Do you intend to sit and read the words? We definitely doubt it.

Although, It’s necessary to keep in mind that your Instagram profile and your goals will determine how this works in full. Some pages, particularly those devoted to poetry, written words, and self-improvement, can get away with having nothing but stories full of text.

Remember that viewers have the option to hold down their screen to freeze the story and minimize features like the reply bar and share button. This allows them to stay on the story for as long as they wish.

If your content falls under this category, please be sure to use text-based stories. Just make sure to include a tag or some other wording that says “hold to read” so that it is not simply skipped over.

4. Failing To Optimize Your Instagram Stories

When it comes to making Instagram Stories, there is a specific creative process to master. Yes, anyone can make them, but it’s simple to tell who has the experience and who doesn’t. It can be difficult to define what constitutes a “good” or “poor” story in many situations.

Naturally, you’ll need to experiment to see what works best for you and your company or page. Your personal brand and voice must come through, however, there are some general considerations for Instagram Stories that you should keep in mind. Here are some fundamental pointers to get you started:

To improve your chances of appearing on the “Explore” pages, make sure to optimize your Stories the same way you do your posts. A geolocation tag and up to three pertinent hashtags are a couple of easy ways to accomplish this.

Emphasis should be placed on the relevant, as using spammy tags like “follow4follow” or other popular ones where you assume you’ll gain followers won’t be of much value in the long run.

Don’t forget to proofread your stories for grammar and spelling. Making a spelling error in your work and letting it slip is one of the worst blunders you can make. These errors greatly impact the image of your business and IG profile because there isn’t much content on the screen, making them stand out.

5. Repeatedly Publishing In The Same Format

By varying your content, you can keep your Instagram Stories engaging and new. Publish information in a variety of formats, switching between surveys, photos, and videos. This will aid in preventing the predictable and repetitive nature of your content.

Try to include your audience in your story’s content whenever it is reasonable and practical to do so. Voting procedures and surveys are excellent instances of this.

To guarantee that your Stories continue to draw attention, be sure to stay up to date with the most recent Instagram resources. To make your content more aesthetically pleasing, you might want to think about adopting a template.

Never overlook the importance of keeping an eye on your competitors. Think outside the box while developing your content because people prefer to skim through the stories hurriedly and will only stay to pay attention to something if it genuinely catches their attention. Be interesting, relevant, and inventive to draw followers to your stories. Make your videos compelling to watch.

6. Not Being Personal

Making no personal connections is another terrible Instagram story mistake. Sharing private information typically works because Instagram stories are a more intimate kind of material.  Above all else, though, it fosters relationships and trust.

Therefore, don’t be shy to take a video of yourself making a pizza or, if you’re posting on the brand’s account, upload a behind-the-scenes video or anything similar.

All of this increases credibility, and credibility generates sales. One of the most common Instagram story errors you can make is not doing it.

7. Poor-maintained Engagement

One of the finest methods to establish and develop a relationship with your followers is through Instagram stories. As a result, you must frequently interact with your audience.

One of the finest methods to establish and develop a relationship with your followers is through Instagram stories. As a result, you must frequently interact with your audience.

You must make a content timetable or plan to accomplish this. It’s not a good idea to post stories too often or too moderately. Moreover, never forget to reply to comments made by your viewers. More social involvement can be enhanced by attention in and of itself. People will realize that your business is concerned about them.

If responding to each person individually sounds difficult, you can reply all at once with a broad statement like, “Thank you for your interest. Any more inquiries can be forwarded to the email shown in the bio.”

The important principle is to keep strong interactions with your clients.


Don’t worry if you’re currently rolling your eyes and wondering, “Why didn’t I know this?!”

Making mistakes and keeping Instagram Stories down is kind of okay because not everyone understands how to use them correctly. But if you have the ability to avoid making a mistake, why would you?

A great approach to interacting with your audience on Instagram is through Stories. Make sure your material is consistent with your brand, up-to-date, and new.

To keep readers interested and take advantage of tags, employ a variety of posting methods. Remember to keep your stories on point and, most importantly, to make them aesthetically appealing.

You may make your Instagram account more popular and entertaining by adhering to these easy procedures and avoiding the mentioned Instagram Story mistakes. You’ll be able to expand your fan base, actively market your goods or services to more people, and support the expansion of your company with increased participation in your stories.

There’s never been a better time to start treating your Instagram Stories with more importance. By making a few adjustments, you might be able to transform your Instagram Stories from “okay” to “Omg” in the eyes of your viewers. Do you require assistance in advancing your Instagram Stories? To begin, get in touch with us today!

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