Guidelines For Instagram Giveaway Rules | Giveaway on IG

Guidelines For Instagram Giveaway Rules | Giveaway on IG

Instagram is unquestionably the most visually appealing social media site, with almost one billion monthly active users. However, Instagram has evolved into much more than just a platform for sharing photos. It is also a potent tool for customer support as well as an online storefront for companies of all sizes.

Hosting an Ig giveaway is a great method to interact with your followers, promote growth, and assist you in achieving all of your marketing objectives. 

Guidelines For Instagram Giveaway Rules | Giveaway on IG

Whether you’re conducting quick and simple giveaways right on Instagram, local picture contests, or more complex and effective opt-in giveaways, you must make sure that you’re laying out clear and transparent rules and criteria for your campaign.

We’ll walk you through each item you must include in the rules, also known as the terms and conditions, that belong to your giveaways.

1. Use The Correct Terms

Using the appropriate wording is necessary whenever you conduct a promotion on Instagram. Even though words like giveaways, sweepstakes, and contests may sound similar, they are essentially distinct forms of promotions that are subject to different legal restrictions.

Instagram giveaways & Sweepstakes entail the random awarding of prizes to participants who enter by carrying out predetermined tasks that don’t call for payment or other kinds of consideration. This includes contests in which participants must like a post or follow you on Instagram to be eligible to win.

Contests are prize giveaways in which entrants need a certain level of competence and winners are chosen on the basis of merit. Contests include Instagram photo competitions.

2. Eligibility Requirements & Instructions To Enter Ig Giveaway

You must declare in the terms and conditions of your Instagram giveaway if it is only open to people who are at least a specific age or citizens of certain states or nations.

Giving users clear directions and guidelines on how to enter is probably the most crucial part of your giveaway rules.

If you’re hosting your offer exclusively on Instagram, you must carefully explain all the steps participants must follow to enter.

You can describe the entry requirements on your website or another external platform if you’re hosting your giveaway there. Then, you can utilize your Instagram posts to direct visitors to click the Linkr and follow the entry rules there.

3. The Start & End Date

The start and end dates of your giveaway must be made crystal clear from the beginning. This comprises the start and end dates of your giveaway, as well as the date(s) on which winners will be chosen.

The time zone in which your start and end times are located should also be mentioned.

4. Showcase The Prize

Additionally, you must be very explicit about what you are giving away. This includes any pertinent requirements or restrictions that might be stated.

Why do Instagram users participate in giveaways on social media? Of course, the main reason people participate in digital promotions is to increase their chances of winning. Therefore, be sure to promote your contests with an interesting image showing the primary prize if you really want to increase Instagram engagement by luring as many participants as possible. For even more visibility, we advise you to include the secret “giveaway” word in the image!

5. Don’t Offer Extra Entries For Sharing In Stories

Whether you're conducting quick and simple giveaways right on Instagram, local picture contests, or more complex and effective opt-in giveaways, you must make sure that you're laying out clear and transparent rules and criteria for your campaign.

For us, this one is off limits. Let’s agree that it is acceptable if you anticipate no more than 60 participants. You can keep your eyes fixed to the screen while recording the names of each and every person who shares your giveaway and mentions of your brand in their Stories. However, once you anticipate receiving hundreds or even thousands of entries… It will be practically impossible to keep track of these extra entries and then give them to the prize draw.

Simply put, don’t make your life more difficult than it needs to be.


Finally… How does Instagram giveaway rules sound overall? Do you now have a better understanding of how to plan a profitable Instagram giveaway? All you need to do is follow the tips provided in this post, and you’ll be fine. And keep in mind that having fun and building your business are the main goals! And be sure to contact us to create a giveaway link for your Bio or attractive posts to showcase your Ig giveaway!

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