9 Best Instagram Marketing Tools To Grow Small Business

Top 9 Best Instagram Marketing Tools To Grow Business

Small businesses can benefit from amazing Instagram marketing tools that can make their business easier and help them achieve impressive results.

These 9 best tools can help you plan you and schedule your content, optimize influencer marketing, and track analytics to increase followers, boost engagement, and achieve substantial growth.

Take some time to explore the key features and data-driven benefits of these amazing assets. Give your business the boost it needs to succeed on Instagram.

Comparison of the 9 Best Instagram Marketing Tools

ToolTypeAvailable DevicesKey FeaturesPriceBest For
LinkrAll-in-one SaaS PlatformWeb, Mobile– Create a custom “link in bio” site with multiple clickable links from your Instagram bio.Free plan with basic featuresSmall businesses and creators optimizing bio link.
BufferSocial Media SchedulerWeb, Mobile– Schedule and automate Instagram posts in advance.Free plan with limited featuresSmall businesses with consistent posting needs.
LaterVisual PlanningWeb, Mobile– Visually plan and organize Instagram content using a drag-and-drop interface.Free plan with limited schedulingSmall businesses with aesthetic feed goals.
HootsuiteSocial Media ManagementWeb, Mobile– Manage multiple Instagram accounts from a single dashboard.Professional plan starting at $29/monthSmall businesses with multiple accounts.
InfluencityInfluencer DiscoveryWeb– Discover relevant influencers based on target audience, industry, and location.Custom pricing based on requirementsSmall businesses leveraging influencer marketing.
CanvaGraphic DesignWeb, Mobile– User-friendly graphic design tool with thousands of templates and design elements.Free plan with limited design elementsSmall businesses needing stunning visuals.
AwarioSocial Media MonitoringWeb– Monitor brand mentions and track sentiment on social media, including Instagram.Starter plan starting at $29/monthSmall businesses managing online reputation.
Sprout SocialSocial Media ManagementWeb, Mobile– Unified inbox for managing comments, messages, and mentions from various social media platforms.Standard plan starting at $99/user/monthSmall businesses seeking comprehensive management.
Instagram InsightsNative AnalyticsWeb, Mobile– Provides valuable data on post reach, engagement, audience demographics, and more.Free and available to all business accountsAll small businesses for audience and content insights.

1. Linkr: unlock your Instagram bio link‘s potential

Linkr is listed as the top Instagram marketing tool for good reason.

Businesses often face challenges when they can only include one clickable link in an Instagram bio. This limitation can prevent them from directing their audience to multiple webpages, promotions, or products.

However, with Linkr, businesses can now create a custom landing page with multiple clickable links. This allows them to direct their audience to various webpages, promotions, or products from their Instagram bio. As a result, website traffic and conversions are likely to increase.

Key features:

  • Intuitive and straightforward website builder, allowing you to create a mobile-responsive one-page website in no time.
  • Comprehensive analytics tools that enable you to monitor click-through rates and analyze link performance.
  • Exclusive online community that provides a platform for creator and audience to interact, share ideas, and build relationships.
  • Members-only access to premium content, including blog posts, tutorials, and other resources that can help you grow business.
  • Built-in digital storefront that lets business and creators sell products or services directly from your website, with secure payment processing and easy order management.


  • Free plan with basic features.
  • Pro plan starting at $3.75/month with advanced marketing tools, analytics and customization options.

Best for:

  • Small businesses and creators looking to optimize their Instagram bio link and monetize content, creativity or following.

2. Buffer: simplify your posting schedule

Buffer is a social media management tool that can greatly benefit small businesses with its efficient scheduling and automation features. Additionally, Buffer allows team members to collaborate on content planning and approvals, ensuring that all posts are on-brand and high-quality. Buffer also provides valuable analytics to help businesses optimize their posting times for maximum engagement. Therefore, businesses can gain insights into what content resonates best with their followers and adjust their strategy accordingly.

Key features:

  • Schedule and automate Instagram posts in advance.
  • Collaborate with team members to plan and approve content.
  • Provides valuable analytics to help businesses optimize their posting times for maximum engagement.


  • Free plan with limited features.
  • Pro plan starting at $12/month for small businesses with more advanced features.

Best for:

  • Small businesses looking to streamline their Instagram posting process and maintain a consistent content schedule.

3. Later: visualize, plan, and optimize Your Instagram content

This visual Instagram marketing tool helps businesses preview and organize their Instagram content in a visually cohesive way! With Later, you can rearrange your posts and create a beautiful feed that tells your brand’s story in a more engaging way.

Later’s drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to plan and perfect your Instagram content, while their scheduling feature allows you to plan ahead and free up time for content creation.

In addition, Later provides detailed analytics that will help you measure the performance of your posts, optimize posting times, and improve engagement rates.

Key features:

  • Visually plan and organize Instagram content using a drag-and-drop interface.
  • Schedule posts and stories in advance for automatic publishing.
  • View content analytics and optimize posting times for better engagement.
  • Get insights on what’s working and what’s not, so you can make informed decisions about your content strategy.


  • Free plan with limited scheduling and analytics.
  • Plus plan starting at $7.5/month for more advanced features and increased post scheduling.

Best for:

  • Small businesses and creators who want a visual planning tool to maintain an aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed.

4. Hootsuite: manage multiple accounts effortlessly

For managing their social media presence and interaction, businesses can rely on the social media management platform Hootsuite.

Hootsuite makes it simple to control many Instagram accounts from a single dashboard, reducing the process of writing, planning, and managing posts for various accounts. This helps you save time and effort while ensuring that your company can increase its social media engagement and reach.

But that’s not all. Hootsuite also offers a host of other key features that make it an essential tool for businesses looking to grow their social media presence.

Key features:

  • A social media content calendar for businesses to plan and schedule posts ahead of time, staying on top of their social media presence.
  • Analytics and reporting for social media performance optimization and engagement improvement.
  • A single inbox for all social media messages and mentions, simplifying management and responses to customer inquiries and feedback.


  • Professional plan starting at $29/month for small businesses managing multiple accounts.

Best for:

  • Small businesses with multiple Instagram accounts or a significant presence on various social media platforms.

5. Influencity: find the right influencers on Instagram

Instagram influencer marketing is a powerful strategy for small businesses to reach a wider audience. However, identifying the right influencers can be a daunting task for businesses, especially those that are new to social media marketing.

Influencity offers a comprehensive solution to this problem by providing businesses with a platform to discover and connect with relevant influencers who can promote their products or services to their target demographic.

Key features:

  • Discover relevant influencers based on target audience, industry, and location.
  • Analyze influencer performance and audience demographics.
  • Manage influencer campaigns and collaborations.


  • Custom pricing based on specific requirements and campaign scope.

Best for:

  • Small businesses seeking to leverage influencer marketing to reach a wider and more targeted audience.

6. Canva: create stunning visuals to enhance Instagram marketing

In Instagram marketing, visual content is crucial. Fortunately, Canva is a user-friendly graphic design tool that allows businesses to create eye-catching visuals without the need for professional design skills.

With Canva’s templates and design elements, businesses can easily create stunning Instagram visuals that showcase their brand and message. Canva offers a wide range of stock images, fonts, and illustrations to help businesses improve their visual content and make it more distinctive.

Everything is conveniently located in one place, so businesses can save time and effort searching for the perfect image or font.

Key features:

  • User-friendly graphic design tool with thousands of templates and design elements.
  • Create stunning visuals for Instagram posts, stories, and highlights.
  • Access a vast library of stock images, fonts, and illustrations.


  • Free plan with limited design elements.
  • Canva Pro plan starting at $12.95/month with additional features and access to premium assets.

Best for:

  • Small businesses and creators who need to design eye-catching visuals for their Instagram content without professional design skills.

7. Awario: monitor your brand’s presence on Instagram

Always keeping an eye on what customers are saying about your brand on social media.

While there are many social listening tools available in the market, Awario stands out as a powerful option. This tool tracks mentions of your brand and relevant keywords on Instagram and other platforms, providing valuable insights into your online reputation.

Key features:

  • Monitor brand mentions and track sentiment on social media platforms, including Instagram.
  • Discover relevant conversations and trending topics in real-time.
  • Analyze social media data and gather actionable insights.


  • Starter plan starting at $29/month per user, with limited features.
  • Professional plan starting at $89/month per user, with more comprehensive social listening capabilities.

Best for:

  • Small businesses looking to monitor and manage their online reputation and gain valuable customer insights.

8. Sprout Social: engage with your audience

With the aid of the social media management tool Sprout Social, companies can interact with followers and rapidly address questions. Along with a number of other features to improve social media presence, it has a consolidated inbox for comments, mails, and mentions.

One such tool is the ability to schedule and publish posts across multiple social media channels. So businesses can plan out their social media content in advance, ensuring a consistent stream of posts and freeing up time for other tasks.

Sprout Social’s in-depth analytics and reports allow businesses to track their social media performance and engagement, identifying what’s working and what’s not.

Key features:

  • Unified Inbox: Manage comments, messages, and mentions from multiple social media platforms in one place.
  • Schedule and publish posts across multiple social media channels, including Instagram.
  • Engage with followers, respond to inquiries, and build relationships with your audience.
  • In-depth analytics and reports tomeasure post performance, audience growth, and engagement metrics.


  • Standard plan starting at $99/user/month for basic features.
  • Professional plan starting at $149/user/month with advanced social media management capabilities.

Best for:

  • Small businesses looking and creators for a comprehensive social media management tool to engage with their audience effectively.

9. Instagram Insights: gain valuable analytics

Instagram’s native analytics tool, Instagram Insights, offers invaluable data on audience demographics, post reach, engagement, and more. Businesses can use these insights to refine their Instagram marketing strategy and tailor their content to better resonate with their audience.

Key features:

  • Native analytics tool provided by Instagram.
  • Access data on on audience demographics, engagement, post reach, and other topics.
  • Track the performance of Instagram Stories and promoted posts.


  • Instagram Insights is free and available to all Instagram business accounts.

Best for:

  • All small businesses and creators using Instagram to gain valuable insights into their audience and content performance.

Choose the right tools for your Instagram marketing strategy.

There are tons of Instagram marketing tools are available in the market to assist small businesses in staying relevant to their audience. Each tool serves a unique purpose, catering to different business needs and marketing objectives.

To choose the best combination of tools that align with your Instagram marketing strategy, consider your specific requirements and goals.

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