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Instagram Followers| How to Increase Organic Instagram Growth in 2023

In the arena of social media marketing, everyone looks for the secret to success, but only a selected few are prepared to put in the effort necessary to fulfill their greater goals. Some people give up after knowing about the struggle, while others try to discover the quickest and shortest route.

One of the common questions from users of the social media platform is: Is it possible to increase our Instagram followers organically?   

Yes, is the answer!

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Instagram is a social networking site that prioritizes visual content. You have to work really hard on Instagram to create fantastic content and figure out how to let your organic Instagram growth takes place. Instagram is quickly ascending to the top of the list of social media platforms for various brand marketing and promotions. Nowadays, the majority of the most well-known brands and businesses are active on Instagram, and a team of specialists in the area manages their social media presence.

There are strategies for them to gain more followers in this fiercely competitive business environment. You have the option of paying for it or increasing the number of followers organically. All of this may appear strange and unfamiliar if you are behind on your Instagram journey. Do not be concerned; you are exactly where you should be! You’ll be looking at strategies in this blog to increase your Instagram followers organically!

Advantages of Organic Instagram Growth


The best goals for a team are those that can be achieved. You can clearly see the advantages of an organic growth approach on Instagram by developing your strategy step-by-step.

This list will encourage you to give it a try.

  • Boost Instagram Engagement 

It is obvious that the engagement rate will increase when you sustainably add followers from those who have already expressed interest in your brand.

  • Increasing brand awareness 

If you buy false followers, your actual followers and potential business partners will immediately notice this. Do you want to know how? Well, the enormous amount of followers won’t match up with the metrics you’ve set on Instagram.

  • Reduce the possibility of being blocked or suspended 

When you interact with and pay attention to your real followers, Instagram is less likely to detect any suspect activity. It won’t have any justification for blocking or restricting your Instagram account. 

  • Increase your customer base 

Besides concentrating on engaging with your current community, your next objective would be to gain more followers. You may finally boost revenue and see your brand thrive by turning real followers into new customers.

Ways To Increase Organic Instagram Growth in 2023

Below are some excellent suggestions to increase Instagram followers organically:

1. Generate a Catchy Bio

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Your bio is the first thing people see when they visit your profile, thus it is very important to make a good first impression. To attract visitors to follow you on Instagram, you must write an engaging bio.

In your bio, you should express your brand’s story in an interesting way in addition to the basics like including your contact information and website URL. It won’t help you stand out if all you mention is what kind of business you have. People must be motivated to follow you and connect with your brand. You can achieve this by writing attractive content in your bio. 

Linkr can help you to create customized bio links that you can use anywhere to have a significant impact on your audience.

2. Create and Sustain a Distinctive Instagram Brand Image

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The next thing a visitor to your account will get to see after your bio is your Instagram feed. Additionally, whether a user likes your brand depends on their initial experience after viewing your feed.

The personality of your brand is determined by the colors you choose, the types of posts you make, the tone you use, etc. Additionally, it should be written in a way that anyone who views it will quickly connect it to your brand.

3. Use Meaningful Hashtags/Make Your Own Branded Hashtag and Promote It


A tried-and-true strategy for growing your audience and gaining more Instagram followers is to use hashtags. Find out which hashtags are popular in your field and are appropriate for your business and content by doing some research. In order to reach users that use these hashtags, incorporate a few of these hashtags into all of your Instagram postings.

You can create and advertise your own hashtag in addition to using well-known ones. This may apply specifically to your business or even a certain campaign. Your Instagram presence can be enhanced and your campaigns can be promoted by using brand-specific hashtags. 

You may also persuade users to include a campaign-specific hashtag in their Instagram posts by making one. You receive free user-generated material in exchange for publicity, which can expand your audience and increase the number of followers you have.

4. Write smarter and stronger Captions

You have the opportunity to interact with your established audience through the captions of your Instagram posts, and you might even inspire them to recommend you to their friends. So why not take advantage of that chance?

You may do a lot with your Instagram captions, such as tag users, pose questions, initiating conversations, etc. More comments from your audience will increase the likelihood that they will ask their friends to participate in the conversation.

Additionally, you can provide special deals or promotions and request that your followers share them with their friends. Additionally, keep in mind that sharing the story behind the image or video will increase interaction.

5. Follow relevant accounts

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It’s important to be aware of Instagram charges related to the content of your page. Make a list of all the major accounts for musicians, songwriters, singers, media figures, and relevant fan accounts, for instance, if your content is about music. Keep in mind that the audiences of all of these accounts are the same as yours. Compare the posts that receive the most comments, the most popular themes, and the posting schedules of different users (if any). Create your content and your promotion methods based on this information. Instead of copying them, develop your own niche. Your Instagram following will inevitably increase.

6. Consistency


Be consistent if you want to grow your content and increase organic Instagram followers on your account. The secret to Instagram is consistency, which will allow you to significantly expand your follower count without investing in paid advertising. Post frequently and on a consistent basis. Don’t disappear after a while, thinking that your followers would stick by you. Be constant if you want to continue on the path to gaining new followers. Keep your audience informed with Instagram stories as well as links to your work, even if you only post sometimes. It will provide your fans with a good impression of you and demonstrate your sincere interest in your content.

7. Do not forget to like and comment on relevant content

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A genuine increase in followers depends on the Instagram community. To keep an eye on their posts, you should follow the accounts of relevant content. But that is insufficient. Engage with a strong sense of commitment and genuineness. Appreciate and like their content.  Put them into your stories. If you enjoy and/or like their stuff, happily leave a comment. It fosters a sincere sense of community, and many of these accounts will follow you back, which will naturally increase the number of people that follow you.

8. Co-promotion


Instagram uses a community-based business model and thrives on engagement. You can periodically praise another page in your Instagram account in order to gain more followers. A shout-out or a mention frequently aids in establishing a genuine appreciation and responsiveness. List your stories or comments. Post material from their account in your feed on your page. Reposting is a co-marketing technique that is becoming more and more popular. Create a connection with the author and give correct credit to the original page. But before reposting, you must always get their consent. Along with promoting their material, it will increase your standing in the community. It is known as co-promotion and is a great strategy to promote your name and relevant content. By doing this, you will gradually see more people interested in your profile, which will lead to an increase in your organic Instagram growth.


These are some of the most effective methods for expanding your Instagram followers organically. You can utilize these suggestions to increase Instagram following and establish a powerful online presence.

Hopefully, these pointers will enable you to plan your Instagram marketing approach without spending money on advertisements.

It’s crucial to remember that how you display your business and interact with users truly influences the rate at which your Instagram following increases naturally.

We’re delighted to offer our perspective on the subject because we are aware that several individuals are seeking this kind of service.

We hope that you will find this guide useful. We are merely a few clicks away if you have any questions or need any related services. Your opinions are always welcome.

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