How to Use Linkr Store

This guide will introduce how to use Linkr Store, a perfect platform for anyone who makes and sells products to a worldwide audience.

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Linkr Store supports the sale of a wide range of products. Here we list some product examples for inspiration.

📥 Digital downloads: eBooks, PDFs, music tracks or albums, digital subscriptions, etc.
📦 Physical goods: T-shirts, hoodies, hats, mugs, organic tote bags, stickers, etc.
📞 Phone/video calls: 1:1 coaching, paid calls, etc.
💬 Direct message: Offer direct and instant communication.
👝 Bundled products: Bundle several products together to sell.
📐 Custom products: Offer product customization services for your fans, like drawings, write-ups, “Ask Me Anything”
responses, etc.
💰 Affiliate products: Earn commissions when your fans click on the referral link and make a purchase.

Follow the guide to customize merchandise for your fans and earn money at Linkr Store.